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Wow, have people actually done that? :O

I’m purposefully being vague because I’m getting some ~vibes~, but no, no one has said these specific things to me yet. I also wanted to state it publicly in case anyone is trying to take advantage of artists in this way because that is a positively loathsome thing to. Do not contact artists about commissions if you’re going to balk at their pricing. Just move on. No need to comment.

"I hope I can someday afford to commission you" is basically the only acceptable thing to say here, but even that is not necessary.

mmh I updated my theme and commission page (i’m still not open sorry! I will be open soon)

General reminder that my prices are very cheap for the amount of time and effort I put into commissioned work. I am an adult with bills to pay and I have been doing this for years. If you don’t feel that you can afford the prices I (or any artist, for that matter) set, please do not contact me asking me to lower them for you, or trying to get a deal out of me. Do not comment that my prices are “a little too high” or anything of the sort. That is incredibly rude, now matter how nicely you word it. I can’t believe I feel the need to say that publicly but here we are.